Bagshot joined the Ministry of Magic upon graduation, rising to

the rank of Education Minister at age 25 and Minister of Magic at 32 --

the youngest man to hold that post in more than a hundred years. In the tumult

following the shuttered year at Hogwarts, Bagshot argued forcefully for the abolition

of the House system. His rival in these debates was his old Quidditch teammate,

Julian Bleak. So rancorous did the debates become that Bleak twice called for votes

of No Confidence in the Minister. Bagshot survived both attempts, but was unable

to secure the votes necessary to remove the Houses. When his term expired at the

end of that year, he declined to stand for a second term. Bagshot and his wife later

wrote some of the definitive works of wizard history, including A Brief History

of The Unknown (Hogwarts Press, 1,729 pages.)