The world of Harry Potter is an original creation of author

J.K. Rowling. is an homage to her

inspiring, spiraling, ever-widening books. A fan site like

this would be silly indeed -- sillier even than it is ! --

without great original writing to be fanatic about.


Still, though, fans have been known to grasp the Golden

Snitch now and again -- Aerosmith, for example. As the

lads themselves readily admit, Aerosmith was a group of

Rolling Stones fans trying to play like their heroes.


They may not have succeeded in playing like the Rolling

Stones, but they were good at playing like Aerosmith,

and went on to enjoy considerable success of their own.


The originals -- Rowling, Stones -- are the deng an sich: the

thing itself. is the Internet equivalent

of cranking up Exile On Main Street and strutting across

the room doing your best Mick impersonation.


Note: The Slytherin House illustrations were created

by the imaginative & delightful Andrea Booth. is not associated in any way

(shy of admiration) with J.K. Rowling, her publishers,

or partners, nor is it endorsed by them; and no rights

to the use of the characters or stories created by

J.K. Rowling have been granted.